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Healing starts with a plan.

No matter what you're facing, there is always hope.

Years of training, research, and experience working with individuals and families has taught me that just as no two people are alike, every situation and deserves a unique treatment plan. I work with you to develp a plan that fits your lifestyle that will prepare you to help you take the essential next step of your journey.

Build a Better Marriage

Couples Counseling

Financial hardships, serious illness, infidelity, or communication issues. Couples often need a private and comfortable way to open up new lines of communication.

Couples Counseling
Searching for Answers

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy takes place between a therapist and a patient, and is a process of setting realistic goals to inspire change that can greatly improve the quality of a patients life.

Individual Therapy
Build Stronger Bonds

Family therapy

Families come in a variety of sizes and constructs. Maybe some or all of the family members want to attend, and those are options to consider when seeking therapy.

Family Therapy
Getting Back On Track

Crisis Therapy

Crisis therapy is an immediate and short-term psychological care that focuses on restoring a person’s ability to continue with life the way they did before the crisis occurred.

Crisis Therapy
Growing Up Healthy

Teens and Preteens

Teen counseling offers a holistic solution for many common teen issues including teen drug addiction, bullying, teen depression and anxiety & depression.

Teen Therapy

Child Therapy

Whether your child is having trouble at school, not getting along with friends, or isn’t behaving like his peers, therapy can help improve the quality of life.

Child Therapy
Comprehensive Treatment

Developmental Therapy

Developmental Therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on integration of conceptual skills, motor skills, language skills, and social-emotional skills.

Developmental Therapy
Adjusting to Changes

Postpartum Depression

If you feel empty, emotionless, or sad all or most of the time for longer than 2 weeks during or after pregnancy, it may be time reach out for help from a therapist.

Postpartum Therapy

"Change is the only constant in life."

- Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher

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